<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/11/30/15/81/181107094975.jpg?t=1571043356"><br>Rancho Mirage, California, known as the city of presidents, provides a unique and intoxicating choice of homes with magnificent splendor. Rancho Mirage offers a lifestyle without compromise, not only to the rich and famous, and for those wishing to enjoy the same lifestyle. With it's proximity to world renowned restaurants, championship golf courses, international sporting events, and concert venues, Rancho Mirage has earned recognition as a world destination resort. An exceptional lifestyle will be yours with the purchase of this private, well secured, and well-appointed home in the very sought after Sterling Estates. Sterling Estates is a private, gated enclave of custom homes, each providing exceptional value and lifestyle desirability. Strategically located in Sterling Estates, taking full advantage of nature's personal canvas, rests this exceptional retreat of Old World Charm on its own private oasis. Relax your soul, enrich your senses, and repose in comfort and nature's beauty. <br>